Nothing But Your Love

We live in a world that wants you to be a certain way, look a certain way. A world that throws around hate left-right-and-centre, a world that is crumbling under the pressures of being a you that you don’t want to be. We read in the news daily of people taking their lives because of the bullying, hate, peer pressure and stresses of life. We see articles of celebrities one minute getting unbelievable amounts of hate and the next minute stories of that celebrity either being admitted to rehab or being found dead with a drug overdose. For too long we have allowed the pressures of what people think we are and were to take president over our lives. 

You can read in the Bible on many occasions of people thinking they are who they are told they are and not seeing the amazing potential and love that they have going for them. 

One in particular is that of the Samaritan woman who was known amongst her village for being a serial-divorcee, someone who had “many lovers”. She had to go to the village’s well at the peak of sunlight because she was ashamed to be seen with the other women of her community because of the hate and judgement she got. However on one day at the usual time she went, everything changed for her…

We read in the Gospel of John (one of Jesus’ disciples and author of one of the accounts of Jesus’ life) of this amazing encounter. Jesus sits at the side of the well in the blistering heat of the afternoon sun. The Samaritan woman who – like many of us – would’ve just been going through the usual motions of her day, found herself finding new and everlasting ‘living water’ through Jesus that day. Jesus knew who she was and used to be but didn’t call her by her past, but instead showed her His love and trust to her; He saw a future for her! (Check it out and search for the story here: John 4  

We often focus on our past, our mistakes, our failings but although yes, He knows those ‘things’, we will find nothing but His love for us! Although the world continues to point out our dirt and name us by our inner-shame, Jesus washes the dirt off our feet and calls us by name!

You are NOT just that person that was addicted to alcohol or drugs, or just that person who was a slave to pornography. You are NOT just that person who was lost to the chains of gambling; NO! You are loved beyond all measure and have amazing purpose to find who you are meant to be in Jesus. 

Jesus meets us exactly where we are, we just need to open the door and allow Him in. Open that door today. Allow Jesus in and allow Him to show you the amazing person He calls you to be!

You are not your past or your failing, but so much more than that! You are loved and cherished beyond all words. 

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