Nothing But Your Love

“We often focus on our past, our mistakes, our failings but although yes, He knows those ‘things’, we will find nothing but His love for us! Although the world continues to point out our dirt and name us by our inner-shame, Jesus washes the dirt off our feet and calls us by name!”

Thu 8 April 2021
Casting Your Anxieties

When I was six, my family moved house. We were still living in the same city, but it felt like a huge […]

Sat 3 April 2021
You Are Loved!

We all experience ‘love’ in very different aspects of our journey through life. Love can be found in family, friends, pets, hobbies, […]

Fri 19 March 2021
The importance of connection

How do you feel about video calls? I think we’ve all taken part in a lot of them over the past year: […]

Thu 24 September 2020